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A small, incorporated town at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, Colma is a unique destination known for auto dealerships, retail establishments and, of course, its 17 cemeteries. Often referred to as “the City of the Silent,” Colma has a higher population below ground than above it. The beautiful cemeteries represent numerous religious beliefs and cultures, and include historic structures and districts known on local and national levels. Famous “silent” residents of Colma include Wyatt Earp, Joe DiMaggio and William Randolph Hearst. In fact, Colma is so widely regarded as a popular Northern California resting place that it’s easier to read a list of famous San Franciscans not buried in Colma than to scan through the lengthy list of those who are. Colma’s status as a cemetery city has led to a humorous motto among residents: “It’s good to be alive in Colma!”

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